VOYAGE is a channel about travel. When brainstorming about its branding, we immediately thought about a localization pin for the logo. Very recognizable and meaningful at the same time. Then, we developed the whole on-air design around this pin: wipes, transitions, bumpers.
For the idents, we used videos and photos from contributors, sharing their best travel memories and we branded these images with our logo. The name of the contributor and the place where he or she travelled is written in our corporate typeface on the footage, conveying a feeling of intimacy. For the sonic branding, La Plage Records created some electro music (or an electro music theme), mixed with touches of tropical atmospheres and Brazilian guitars and Indian percussions.

Art Director
Nicolas Famery
3D Director
Gaël Lucien
Motion Designers
Maxime Baïle, Cédric Besseau
Music & Sound Design
La Plage Records
Emmanuelle Lacaze, Charlotte Vande Vyvre