Reds vs Blues
Reds vs Blues

As the LFP (Professional French Football League) hadn't done any promotion for the past 10 years, Gedeon had to find a solution that would encourage people to go to the stadium to support their favorite team.
We decided to focus on the kind of passion that friends share when they want to have fun or a family when they want to share a special moment.
The Reds on one side, the Blues on the other. The film is literally a trip to the stadium. Join in. Hurry there. Wear the colors. Enjoy.
The final sequence is a tribute to the fans, with images taken at French stadiums.

Clément Deneux
Art Director
Bernard Brechet
Director of photography
Erwan Cloarec
Jean-Baptiste Milhout, Pavle Savic
Music & Sound Design
La Plage Records
Emmanuelle Lacaze, Eglantine Guitard
Production manager
Julien Floutard