D17 changed its name and identity. To help the viewers remember it, we created a very dynamic logotype that acts as a stimulus to trigger animations.

The on-air, online and off-air design has been conceived to be a tool kit enabling a hundred combinations of colors and textures. The fluorescent colors evoke pop culture and be in line with the fresh, entertaining and mainstream tone of the channel. We also created a dancing typography to evoke Cstar's programming and its DNA: music and entertainment.

To make the channel lively we imagined bumpers playing with the lyrics of current hits and also famous lines from movies and series shown on the channel.

Last but not least, we also created idents playing with the C of the logotype (that sounds like "it is" in French) and images of the stars, the presenters and the viewers.
Developed in several formats and easily refreshable throughout the year these idents allow the channel to create a strong link between Cstar, the stars and the viewers.

Art Director
Nicolas Famery
Art Director Assistants
Stephane Gibert, Lazare Bessière
Motion Designers
Antoine Beauvois, Cédric Besseau, Maxime Baile
Music & Sound Design
La Plage Records
Emmanuelle Lacaze, Eglantine Guitard
Bronze Award / On Air Typography