ANT1 is a Greek private channel, whose core values are fun and entertainment.
We wanted to speak to the viewers with boldness and pride. To do that, we developed a few key tools: a bright palette of colours and an animated grid, identifying and powerful, easy to apply to different corporate elements and able to create various layouts to surprise the viewers.
We also wanted our kit to be as customizable as possible, while respecting strong design rules. For example, for the idents, we provided a very dynamic animated grid.
The footage placed in the grid can easily be changed by the ANT1 team. With this kit, the idents can be refreshed throughout the years.
La Plage Records created music inspired by the French touch, very adapted to the entertainment spirit of ANT1.

Art Director
Maximilian Schwanse
Motion Designer
Lazare Bessière
Music & Sound Design
La Plage Records
Emmanuelle Lacaze, Charlotte Vande Vyvre