Since 1985, Gédéon has created and produced designs for TV channels both in France and abroad. Gédéon oversees logotype creation, broadcast and corporate identities, designs for channels and programs, artistic direction, broadcast marketing advising and project management for channel development. As a design agency and audiovisual production company, Gédéon also specializes in directing and producing short programs, corporate films, music videos and films.

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Espíritu de siempre

How 8Bit Little Men Launched the Canal+ New Season
Grabbing attention in the digital world.

For a TV channel today it is useless to think with last years ideas. Social media and Internet dominate so we have to be more creative than ever, both for broadcast and digital platforms.
It’s also possible to think bigger as we did, creating a buzz with the music and a popular song.
Emmanuelle Lacaze (Gedeon), Olivier Schaack (Canal +) and Emmanuel Lipszyc (La Plage records) will explain step by step their creative process in a 360° way.